A month ago on the 19th I was arriving in Stockholm. To celebrate that, I’m telling you my 10 favourite spots.

Stockholm is a majestic city, has loads of green and you can see water everywhere. There’s a connection with nature that I haven’t experienced in other cities.
These are places that I can visit countless times and still be in love with.

  2. Nordiska Museet
  3. Gamla Stan
  4. Vasa Museet
  5. Kungsträdgården (if you visit in april/may you’ll have cherry blossoms in full bloom)
  6. Stockholm Archipelago
  7. Nordiska Kompaniet
  8. Monteliusvägen (take a camera, you’ll want to document the stunning view)
  9. Vete-Katten (ask for a prinsess torte and indulge!)
  10. Fabrique ( the tastiest cinnamon buns)

Have you been to Stockholm? What are your favourite places?



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