The first time I heard about the Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation was through a work colleague, she raved about it so much that – even having a foundation army – I needed to give it a go, even though the price is not that appetizing.

Let me start to tell you that,  the claims on this product are too good to be true, but surprisingly more or less accurate. So, let’s have a look:

An oil-free gel foundation with an ultra lightweight, refreshing texture. The buildable formula provides adjustable coverage while light-reflecting pigments eases the appearance of imperfections for a naturally flawless finish.

  • Innovative oil-free gel foundation with a refreshing, lightweight texture
  • Contains 60% water
  • Aloe Leaf and Camellia Sinensis extract help moisturize
  • Rosemary and Arnica flower extract help soothe
  • Aloe, Chamomile and Arnica help soothe sensitive skin
  • Rosemary, Green Tea and Rice Bran acts as powerful antioxidant

It is  definitely a lightweight gel formula, that feels moisturising and super refreshing on the skin. The first ingredient on the list is water and it has also mica and titanium oxide on the list – I don’t find that flashes back in photography, but, so that you are aware. 

It has a glowy finish that looks natural and “skin like”. The coverage is definitely adjustable, you can build it up easily but a normal application would give you a light/medium coverage.

I am not so sure about the soothing properties and antioxidants, just because any skincare properties will be destroyed by the fact that this foundation comes in a jar, I know…why brands do this?! WHY? 



Moving on, this foundation applies like a dream. It is such an effortless and pleasant application…I’m always amazed by it. I have combination skin and this lasts very well, even on my oilier areas. I always set it with powder anyway – but I do that with every single foundation. 

It is an incredible foundation, and one that I’ve recommended to friends with acne-prone skin when they’ve tried everything and nothing worked – they loved it  so, it must say something.

Quickly became one of my favourite foundations – next to my Luminous Silk from GA – but being in a jar annoys me every single time… PLEASE Chantecaille, do something! 

Yes, I do complain a lot about packaging.. you’ll need to get used to it!
Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?

2 Replies to “Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation, my precious.

  1. Hello gorgeous! Do you think for my skin will be better tis one or the GA!? And by the way, what colour should I choose?! 😉 Thanks Cristiana Silva

    1. Thank you for the comment! :*
      I love both, what’s your skin type? And the shade I would suggest you get colour matched in a counter or space.nk, they have quite a wide range of shades 🙂

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