My Low Carb Journey – A Second Beginning

I debated quite a bit if I should publish this blog post or not. But I think it might inspire/help other people, so here we go.

I always had a problem with my weight and always been a chubby girl since young age – Yeah Yeah for those who made fun of me in school and might be reading this… oh well, this is not about you. 

So, when I reached teenage years the pressure I put myself under was so high that I lost a CONSIDERABLE amount of weight, not in a very healthy way. But the truth was that I lost it and kept it like that for couple of years.

Of course, when I went to university things started going downhill with the weight management – all those parties and crap food with friends.. I blame you!

To be honest, it didn’t bothered me at all I was very happy but over the years I end up putting some extra kilograms. Then when I moved to London, and it was when things started to be worst, my sweet tooth cravings were out of control, there was loads of temptations around with eating out, ordering in pizza etc, well you know…

I would also join the gym and ending up being a typical lazy ass, so my gym quest was never successful.

In 2014, I decided (for the 2384938392183th time) that I wanted to lose weight in a healthy way by controlling what I eat.

So, I cut the carbs and sweets.  I would eat loads of vegetables instead of rice, pasta, potatoes, avoid sweets  and other crap like fizzy drinks and it worked really well, I lost weight quite easily. The main problem was, I started it in September and I went for Christmas in December which was not very smart… If you are from Portugal you’ll understand my struggle, so I end up putting a bit of weight and then just ignoring the fact that I was putting all the weight I lost.

I’m unhappy that I’m not in shape and don’t like what I see in the mirror. So, seeing other people losing weight and being healthy did inspired me to start this again, I feel like if I put a bit of effort I can do it too. So from today I started to cut on carbs again.

Another reason I was afraid to post this, is because this is just the first day and I’m all motivation and happy feelings, but I know I’ll become cranky and start to think of giving up in couple of days when my body will start to struggle and withdraw from carbs.

This is a way of making it public and put a bit of pressure on myself, so when the thought of giving up comes to mind, I will think in all of you who read this and continue.

NOTE: If you to start something like this, get someone to follow you up like a doctor or nutrition specialist. In my case, I’ve done this is the past, know my body very well and have the tools I need to do it safely.

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