I’ve been using IPL at home on & off for couple of years now, so I thought would be nice to share my opinion and experience with it.

For those who are not familiar, IPL means Intense Pulsed Light and basically uses broad-spectrum light which is applied to the surface of the skin targeting melanin, this light travels until it strikes the root of the hair, where the highest concentration of melanin is located. The light then is absorbed and heats the hair and root destroying it – this is a very simple explanation but hopefully makes sense. 

Knowing that the light works targeting melanin, you need to be aware that the darkest the hair and lightest skin tone, the more effective the treatment will be. Usually brands will have a guide, which you can check if IPL is going to be effective on your particular case.

Initially I bought a Philips Lumea Precision Plus which worked wonders and has attachments that you can use in sensitive areas like, upper lip, bikini line and underarms.


Picture from Philips

Then last year I bought the Philips Lumea comfort which is much more compact and travel friendly, also has a nice feature of continuous lighting, which the precision plus doesn’t have!

The only thing is that the window is smaller so it takes longer and more flashes to do the same size area.


Picture from Philips

Before I tell you my results I need to tell you that I have very dark hair and I’m really pale, so I was in the best position to have good results with the treatment.
For me it worked really well, even though I’m not that regular doing it at the moment. But I can tell you that I had very hairy legs – oh, hello chewbacca –  and now, below my knees (mainly because is the place I did the most sessions) I have patches where hair doesn’t grow at all! And it’s pain free, in most places. Not gonna lie, bikini line and underarms you do feel a small electric shock, but is totally bearable. If you’ve done waxing or epilators before, it’s nothing! :p

The reason I chose IPL vs Laser was purely because IPL is much more convenient – I can do it anytime that suits me at home, don’t need to get an appointment and then travel to the clinic etc. Also works out much cheaper than laser, the bulbs last quite long!

So, if you have the same skin and hair tone it might work for you too!

Have you tried IPL or laser? Let me know your thoughts!
And if you have any questions feel free to ask! 🙂

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