This past week, Stockholm had what it’s called by the Swedes a “snökanon”, which is a rapid deposit of snow caused when a cold air mass moves across an expanse of warmer lake water. This meant having about 30cm of snow across the city, which hasn’t happened in about a century! Also if you follow me on Instagram, you might be sick of the snow pictures! 😀

The last time I dealt with proper snow was in London’s 2010 winter, since then the winter’s there have been very mild.


1. Proper Boots

Let me just say that I have a horrendous history of falling, my balance is crap in snow/icy conditions. Having proper snow boots makes such a difference, I can now walk at a normal pace without looking like a penguin – they are cute, but slow.
The best ones I looked at were from Sorel, Timberland and North Face – in case you are wondering.

Now, the snow is beautiful, until starts to melt and refreezes becoming Ice. For that there are some grip spikes that you can attach to any boots. Those are also on my radar!


2. Extreme Conditions Winter Jacket

I could try and battle a snow storm with my 100% wool COS cocoon coat but I would fail miserably. I invested in a North Face winter jacket with a hood and good insulation and I’m so glad I did, like the boots, it makes a lot of difference when walking in really cold weather. I’m able to have a thin layer underneath the jacket and be really warm.


3. Appreciate the Scenery 

Snow is beautiful, until you need to get out of the house. So if you find yourself stressed about it, just look around you and appreciate the views, seeing everything white just gives me a sense of calm and who doesn’t love the crackling sound of walking in fresh snow?


4. Moisturise!

Often the harsh weather conditions makes lips and complexion dry like prunes. Don’t forget to moisturise your skin every morning and apply lip balm before you go out!


5. Will Power to fight the “Snow Blues” 

Surprisingly I needed to apply this one last Tuesday, so I find it important to mention because I never thought I would have so much will power on myself.
I take the bus every morning to go to work, unfortunately with so much snow most of the buses were not running. I waited a while on the bus stop under heavy snow falling but, no bus. So I gathered myself and just walked,  I don’t live that far from my workplace but let me tell you that walking 2km in pavements full of snow and a windy heavy snow fall at 6am was not the most pleasant experience, but I can proudly say that the snow didn’t win. Like me, many people did the same even from further distances and that’s so Scandinavian. Swedes often say “Där finns ingen dålig väder, bara dålig kläder” – “There’s not bad weather, only bad clothing” – And I’m starting to believe them!

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