10 Week Training Programme

Since I’ve been sick ( the spring flu got me) for the last couple of days I’ve been reflecting a lot on my weight loss and health journey.

I never in my life thought I would say this – let alone after my thirties –  but I’ve finally found joy in working out. I feel stronger, I have more energy and of course can see physical changes on my body. Even though I love the Keto/LCHF lifestyle and feel like I could do this forever I’ve reached a wall regarding my training.

I do feel that if I want to step up my training from the cardio to a more strength/weight based training – I’ll still do my HIIT sessions because I love them too much – I’ll need to up my carbohydrates and calorie intake to keep the machine running and build some muscle – Cuz stronger is the new skinny, they say! 😉 

So for the next 10 weeks I’m trying a training program and my plan is to have a intuitive balance diet, increasing my carbohydrate, calorie intake AND for the first time I’ll use body measurements as my guide instead of weight – I‘ll still weigh in myself, let’s not get delusional because I just love a weighing scale too much. 

I’ll probably update here as the weeks go by in regards to the program and I’ll probably do some updates over on instagram too!

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