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Let’s jump the part I apologise for being away shall we?

I thought since I’m on my second bottle of this stuff I would do a PROPER review and tell you how wonderful this stuff is.

I’ve started using Ceramidin Liquid when my skin was freaking out, I was working out about four to five times a week, was the end of the winter and I started having annoying little red bumps under the skin, which were pretty new to me since I never had major texture issues.

After trying to figure out what was happening I texted my friend Sara which is one of the most knowledgeable skincare people I know and she promptly recommended this product.

I tried it, it changed my skin and I’ve been using it as my day serum since. 

What is it? 

I’m not an expert, but this serum – hydrating toner according to the new packaging but for me still a serum – is rich in ceramides which are basically fats that act as the “skin’s bricks” and make about 50% of skin’s composition that’s why they are so important because they hold skin together by forming a protective layer that help lock in moisture and fight against environmental distress.

It also has:
Licorice Root Extract: Soothes and provides anti-redness properties.
Portulaca Oleracea and Aloe Vera: Calm irritated skin and hydrate.
Panthenol: Alleviates and softens skin

The texture is super lightweight and absorbs into the skin quickly, I think even oilier skin types would be happy with this one!

Visible Results

When I started using it back in the day, it made those annoying red little bumps disappear and I was so impressed, never seen a skincare product work so well for me. With the continuous use, I can see my skin is more plumped, the texture is more refined, is glowy and somehow feels more balanced.

I’ll be forever grateful to Sarathanks gurl! – for recommending this one, honestly it’s one of the best seruns I’ve used!

Also, the value for money is amazing, you pay about 37€/ £35,50 / 385kr for 150 ml of product that lasts you for ages and levaes your skin happy!


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