BYREDO is a niche fragrance house from Stockholm, founded in 2006. The brand is minimalist, edgy and the bottles have that truly scandinavian feel.

For couple of years I’ve been intrigued by the brand, and always perused around Liberty London and Selfridges to have a sniff of BYREDO scents.

They have it all, the range is quite extensive and there’s something for everyone. All the scents are so unique, complex but not in a bad way, they are layered to perfection. It is really hard to explain, so if you have a BYREDO nearby go and have a sniff!

The first scent I got was Mojave Ghost, it was a birthday gift from my husband – because he couldn’t bare my nagging anymore! *cough* *cough*

Mojave Ghost was inspired by the ghost flower, which thrives in the mojave desert despite the harsh conditions.


Top:  Ambrette and Jamaican Nesberry

Heart: Violet, Sandalwood and Magnolia

Base:  Chantilly Musk, Crisp Amber and Cedarwood




To me, this is a sophisticated ethereal, light woody scent that is sweet and sour at the same time. You can’t detect any notes in particular when you smell it, but it does smell very woody clean. After a while, it develops to a more floral scent but always with the woody base.




The second scent I own is Black Saffron, which is the completely opposite from Mojave Ghost.

It was bought in Stockholm in their main store… And for normal humans this is not a big deal but I’m a fan, okay? so it does matter to me! :p 

Anyway, Black Saffron is a fragrance inspired on Ben Gorham’s (the founder) indian upbringing, he’s a native swede but his mother is indian.


Top:  Pomelo, Saffron and Juniper Berry

Heart: Black Violet, Accord Cuir and Cristal Rose

Base:  Blond Woods, Raspberry and Vetiver 


To me, this fragrance starts quite fruity and slightly floral. Then dries down and develops into a floral ,woody, leathery scent which is very unusual – kind of sophisticated sexy.

Both of these fragrances last quite well on my skin, Black Saffron more than Mojave Ghost. However, I did find with Mojave Ghost that other people can smell it more on me, than myself – so it might last longer than I think! 

Funny that both have violet in it, which is quite interesting… My signature scent when I was a teenager was Halloween by J.del Pozo (which is a violet based fragrance) – Major throwback right here! 

Have you tried any BYREDO fragrances?
If you are obsessed with fragrance as I am, please just leave your recommendations below! I love to discover new scents! 🙂

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