Thank you for being there and for all the lovely messages on my Instagram, you guys rock!
I’ve been away for the past week, it was a very bad one. Someone close has passed away and I travelled back home like a bullet.

To top it all off, the airline company I flew back with, lost my suitcase due to strike from the handling company in brussels so it must be somewhere parked in Brussels Airport – Hopefully! So I’m dealing with that at the moment…

Oh well, funny thing is that on my way to Portugal I flew with SAS, connection flight in Frankfurt and then Lufthansa – two different companies… no issues.

Just need to do the waiting game now and hope that my suitcase gets shipped to me.
Blogging activity will resume this week and I’ll keep you posted on the suitcase thing!

Once again, Thank You for still being on that side
Lots of love!

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