If you’ve been around my blog, you already know how passionate I am about fragance and I’m always on discovery mode for new scents and brands.

I found SNiPH through their instagram and instantly fell in love with the whole concept and Lisa’s (the founder) vision and passion about scents.  A subscription service that sends you every month a decant of 7mls from an original fragrance of a collection – I’ll tell you about these in a moment –  that you chose? Sounds pretty good to me!

For years, I’ve been the one who buys my mum’s fragrances. Due to her sinusitis she can’t just go to a department store and peruse around smelling all the fragrances and even for me, as much as I love going around smelling all the pretty bottles it can be extremely overwhelming and I’m sure to this day I’ve missed fragrances that I might like, because there’s just too many around and there’s always new launches happening.

After chatting with Lisa and sharing our passion for scents and discovery, she was kind enough to provide me with SNiPH August’s box of my choice, I chose the Avant Garde CollectionI’m not going to mention this months scent for this collection, in case you haven’t received yours. But let me tell you, it is a very unusual combination and a lovely one! 🙂

There are 4 collections that you can choose from:

Trending now, for those who want to be among the first to smell the next big hit. Here you will find a constantly updated collection of perfumes like Miu Miu EdP or Dolce of Dolce & Gabbana.

Female Classics, perfume houses’ most successful darlings of the past three decades. Suitable for those who want to immerse yourself in the scents that continues to prove his brilliance. In Female Classics you can find perfumes like Chloé Chloé EDT or Burberry EdP

Clean, the perfumes that just work. Do not complicate things unnecessarily. These scents are perfect on a warm summer evening on a wintry Sunday brunch. Clean is updated constantly with the perfumes like Palermo from Byredo or 3 L’Impératrice from Dolce & Gabbana.

Avant-Garde, experimental scents that you are not quite sure if you dare to wear, yet. Challenge yourself and your world with more unusual and complex aromas, like Bal D’Afrique from Byredo or Black Orchid by Tom Ford. We handle the hunt for you.

Note: SNiPH decants the perfume from original bottles only, purchased from authorized resellers. SNiPH is independent and separate from the brands or the brands’ manufacturers.

The presentation is just simple and beautiful with attention to detail, giving me that Scandinavian feel that I’m getting used to from Scandinavian brands.

Inside the well padded box,  you get the atomizer and the smart case. This smart case is honestly the best thing I’ve seen, easy to travel and very secure! Also in the box you get instructions, a leaflet with general information and a card with the information regarding the fragrance you just received.

When you put it together, should look something like the next picture:

And then you can lock it so you can carry it around with no risk of spilling or accidental sprays! Such a clever idea 🙂

I also think that 7 mls of fragrance is a generous amount, that will last you until your next box. Also, you can really have a proper road test of the fragrance and see if it’s for you.

My final thought, is that this is such a great concept. With this kind of service there’s no need to visit overwhelming stores with loads of pretty bottles – distracting!– or even rushing to a decision in the duty free and end up with a dusty bottle of perfume in the back of your cupboard!
I would recommend follow SNiPH on Instagram, they have such a inspirational feed! 🙂

Disclaimer: This sample was kindly sent by the brand, however, this is not a sponsored post in any way, shape or form. All opinions are always honest and my own. 

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