For those who don’t follow me in other social media platforms – links are on top of the page – you might not have realized I’m on holiday, more precisely in sunny Portugal. I’ve been spending some quality time with my family and going to the beach, these are chilled out times!

My mum was the one who got me into beauty, I remember being four and being completely mesmerized watching my mum applying a bright fuchsia lipstick! Also, she was the one who always told me to apply moisturiser every single morning, so I thought would be fun to share some of her favourite products around here!


She was very adamant that I mention she has extremely sensitive skin and she is very picky on her skincare.

2016-08-10 16_Fotor2
Avéne Hydrance Optimale UV Légere SPF20,
according to my mum this is the most wonderful summer moisturiser. Citing her own words “it’s light, gets absorbed really quickly, leaves my skin feeling extremely confortable and not greasy as I hate the greasy feeling!”

Avéne Sérénage Daythis is the moisturiser that my mum uses during winter time because it’s more rich than the one mentioned above and according to her this helps much more with lines and wrinkles.

2016-08-10 16_Fotor3

La Roche-Posay Redermic R, my mum uses this as a target treatment to the most stubborn and deep wrinkles and she finds it really effective! 🙂


Make up

My mum doesn’t wear make up daily, however she has her favourites!

2016-08-10 16_Fotor5

CHANEL Vitalumiére Aqua Foundation, this is the foundation my mum uses when she wears makeup. She loves it because it’s light, indetectable and just perfects the complexion.

2016-08-10 16_6

Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in Raspberry, my mum’s favourite go-to shade with the added benefit of being super moisturising and comfortable.

2016-08-10 16_Fotor
CHANEL Chance Eau Parfum, like myself, my mum loves fragrance and she has quite a few perfumes. But when I asked her absolute favourite there was no hesitation in nominating Chance ,THE ONE.
I was the one who bought this scent for and and she adores it, also is very long lasting according to my mum!

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