1,2,3… Restart.

Some CPR was required to revive this place, but it was successful.

Hej allihopa!

Hope you are all well. 

Let’s get to the point shall we?
I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been away because I needed time to reflect about which direction I wanted to take Scandinavian Affair to and ended up realizing which direction I DON’T want it to take. 

For the last couple of months I’ve been feeling really “disheartened” by the whole blogging/social media “thang”, mainly the commercial aspect of it. I’m starting to be fed up with people over on instagram obsessing over the “grid” and not posting something because it “ruins the grid”, also I feel like I’m bombarded with the commercial side of it all the time… I’m sure if you’ve been around social media, you know what I mean. 

And no, I’m not naive. I do understand some people make a living from blogging and social media, but you can still make money and live from it being genuine – I’ve been following some “big bloggers” for years who remain genuine to themselves – it is mainly the lack of genuineness these days that makes me feel “disheartened”. It is not about the personal true to themselves opinion anymore but more like “Look at this product, it’s wonderful and… this one and that one and also this one, MY FAVOURITE OF ALL THE TIME, also follow me otherwise I’ll buy some followers!” 

All of this made me realize that I don’t want to lose what makes Scandinavian Affair mine. My personal opinion and not being worried about the “grid” is what makes this space and my instagram unique.

I want this place to be a reflection of my true opinion, somewhere people come knowing beforehand that they can trust, like I do with other people I follow.

Now, you might wonder if this is a sour statement full of jealousy, honestly it’s not. I never intended or had desire to be a blogger full-time, I have a job for that – which I love – blogging is a hobbie and will stay that way. I just felt the need to address the hideous commercial side and fakeness of social media – instagram for example, which I loved and lately I’ve been disconnecting from it, the main reason of this post as a matter of fact. 

I want Scandinavian Affair to be an extension of Sofia, the individual.  

P.S.: This post is not directed to anyone in specific, OBVIOUSLY. I’m speaking in a general way from what I observe. 




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