You already know how much I love fragrance and it  has been too long since I’ve done a fragrance wishlist. Since then the list has grown quite significantly  :p



There’s so much goodness on the Chanel Les Exclusifs line, that makes it almost impossible to choose – can tell you that the price tag helps to decrease the wishlist drastically – but these two made it to my wishlist. No18 it’s just the weirdest fragrance I’ve smelled ( in a good way) and cannot really describe it. BOY is like if Chanel No5 L’eau had a brother, it’s gorgeous!



Armani Privé Pivoine Suzhou = Peonies Galore! Enough said 🙂

My BYREDO collection just grows constantly, Rose Of No Man’s Land has quite a nice meaning behind it and it’s a beautiful rose composition!



AERIN range of perfumes is gorgeous and this one has caught my nose for a while, a very easy going straight up floral


Which ones are on your wishlist? 🙂




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